Regional Profile

As defined by the Arab League, 22 Middle Eastern and North African countries make up this area of the world whose common bond is the language of Arabic. The rich culture and history is so often missed as the media and politics highlight problems, raising fears and alienating many of the ordinary people.

The early church was born in this part of the world, as ancient orthodox churches testify. Christians of the Arab World face great challenges and yet bear strong witness that God’s plan and purposes are unfolding.

Interserve Partners are engaging in transformational ministries, serving God in a variety of roles such in health, community development and media. Some teach in schools and universities while others are developing businesses. Many are working alongside the local church in support and encouragement.

Interserve has broad experience and currently one of the largest teams of Christian cross-cultural workers in the Arab world.

Service Profile

Interserve workers serving in Arab world include:

  • Teachers and education professionals *URGENT*
  • Health care for refugees
  • Business as mission
  • Environmental development
  • Media – quality television programming for Christians and creative language videos, print materials and radio programming for people wanting to know about the Lord Jesus
  • Partnering with other organisations to increase effective youth work
  • Theological Education by Extension
  • Church ministry