Regional Profile

West Asia is a naturally beautiful region with a deep ancient history. It was home to many of the early Christian churches.

The local people have a passion for community and hospitality. Employment is mostly found in the agricultural sector, but there is a growing percentage of the population seeking employment in the larger cities.

In West Asia the majority religion is Islam. Other minority religions include Christianity and secularism. In some parts the church is very small and faces severe persecution.

It is also a complex part of the world. Conflict from nearby areas has created one of the gravest humanitarian crises in modern history, with West Asia receiving an estimate of 4.8 million refugees. These refugees seek safety in West Asia after being forced to leave their homes due to violence and oppression.

There are opportunities for Christians to come alongside both the local people and the refugees in this region – offering hope, love and practical support. The local church also needs encouragement, as they try to love and respond to those who desperately need a message of hope and new life.

Service Profile

  • Educators
  • Community development
  • Medical, dental and nursing practitioners
  • Church ministry
  • Providing front-line care for refugee families, from trauma relief counselling to sharing cups of tea, stories, tears and Jesus
  • Discipling local and refugee believers and equipping them to serve the marginalised
  • Enabling special education programs for refugee children
  • Providing trauma recovery treatment planning for refugee children
  • Initiating new programs at the refugee centre, and handing these on to local and refugee leadership
  • Using technology to make relief efforts sustainable
  • Hosting short-term workers and teams to have most meaningful impact